Monday, May 19, 2008

Life @ Bangalore

This is my first blog and I will talk about the bangalore life and why it is a lusus naturae........

The first question that comes to my mind when i think about this is "Is a life of continence possible in this city?". The answer may be "yes" for an extremely prudent person. But what about the remaining majority of people who are indiscreet? The answer of such people is a big "NO"

After coming to Bangalore I have become an antithesis of myself. I am a person who believes in one's own self. But after coming here my charm for a freaky life has augmented. I am yet to find out whom to reproach. Is that me or the city or my mind which exaggerates the normal life i lead.

I was born and brought up in chennai which may be a metro but very conservative in its own way. i studied in a school where speaking to girls was a crime worth decapitation which made guys in my school to look at girls in an indifferent way.

A lot of recuperation was required during college days for me to change my attitude and adopting to bangalore life requires lot more of the same. Bangalore is the land of IT and the nature of job requires lot of interaction with the foreign people which gradually made indian people to adore their culture which is "live life to the fullest".

Even I adore the same. This culture is not a cataclysm as many people think. when people have a natural penchant for something why should we arrest the same in the name of culture. Dont think i am babbling. Its the indian culture which incites people to behave in a lecherous manner. why does our country encounter so many rape cases in a year when it is known for its cultural conservatism?

if you people think i am deviating from the topic, this is what life @ bangalore is all about. The pubs and discos are not a cultural disaster. It is a place for people to relax in the midst of all the pressures he handles. World today is never the same as it was 100 years ago. When a change in everything else is accepted with open arms why not a change in culture too?

I am not actuating people to adopt vigorously to this change in culture. "Too much of anything is good for nothing". There is nothing to confuse between career path and the small amusements in between which is very much essential in the enchanting life.

To recapitulate whatever i said Bangalore is not a place of cultural disaster. Its a place of cultural assortment. Its in the hands of the people to pick the right things of right amounts form the assortment so that life is always colourful. India is a country famous for its cultural diversity. Lets make people say "India is a land of cultural conservativeness combined with social elegance" rather than making them say "Its a land of kamasutra which dissembles to be conservative".

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J@deD said...

awesome start da..u were neither archaic nor skeptical