Monday, February 9, 2009


It was a saturday morning. I got up at 7.30 which i dont do even during week days. I had to go to GD/PI classes. The calls were not convincing but my mark of 95 percentile could fetch me only these. This time i decided to give a try in any college that calls me.

I took bath in a relatively chill bangalore climate ( I would not have even thought of it, had i been in hostel) and took my bike to head towards my class. Infantry road was all i knew about the address. Born and brought up in chennai I always thought that a brief knowledge about the area could take me to my destination ( The roads are really well planned in chennai).

I had a general idea of where infantry road comes and started my ride towards residency road. I started to enquire people when i went near residency road on my destination. As usual for some small questions posted in kannada( i knew 2 words in kannada) the answers came in Tamil which made me happy. Sivaji nagar, next street, after MG raod,take right, go straight were some of the answers i got. I went according to my mind. I was trying my luck and my luck dint betray me. I was in infantry road in the next 10 mins.

When i thought i have done it, there came a real surprise. I was standing on one end of the road whereas the class was on the other end. The concept of Bangalore one-ways started haunting me. I took a right turn to take a parallel road and reach the other end. But the right in the parallel road was again a one-way. I headed straight and after 5 mins of hustling i found myself standing in MG road. I enquired an autovala on my destination and he answered me with few lefts and rights and I realised i am no way near my destination which was once a furlong away from me. I looked at my watch and it was half an hour past 9. I had to be there at 9. After a few mins of contemplation I took a left turn and went straight. I was nearing my home..................